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Courtesy Ford Lincoln - Q+A with the Eansor Sisters This spring, we had the opportunity to interview sisters Meghan Ruffilli + Ashley Eansor, of Courtesy Ford Lincoln. This feature is included in the Summer Mama Guide, a shopping guide channelling everything June 2019's - The Modern Mom Show is all about!!  We hope you enjoy a glimpse into the day to day of this incredible family run business + talented sister duo.  Q: As two sisters working together so closely, did you always know you both would end up in careers within the family business at Courtesy Ford Lincoln? No! Meghan had originally planned on attending law school! Her path lead her to the family business full time when her Dad, Bill, asked her to fill an open Management position with Courtesy Ford Lincoln. Although passionate about the automotive business her entire life, Meghan thought a career outside of the family business was for her. After taking on her position with Courtesy Ford Lincoln, she quickl